Omani boat captains, knowledge and ownership

Over two decades ago we would welcome visitors to our village by the sea and take them out on adventures to go fishing, dolphin watching, snorkelling or camping on our small fishing boats.  After the experience they repeatedly expressed how much they loved the real Omani experience with us after visiting sleepy fishing villages and swimming in beautiful beach coves, which is when we realised we had to create a company.


In 1996 Jassa Beach Sea Tourism was registered and we bought our first sea tour boat, Lamki 1 (seen here on the left), which we still proudly own to this day.  


Over the next few years we continued to grow and new visitors would come, old visitors would return and we would all have a eye opening experience out at sea every single time.


Over the last few years we added Lamki 5 to our fleet of speedboats, a 25 passenger gulf stream, we moved our office from Qantab, where we are from, to the Capital Area Yacht Club and closer to our boats which are bearthed at Bander Rowdha Marina.  


We continue to offer a safe and luxurious experience to our guests working within our team, friends and Omani fishermen, to pin point the perfect dolphin watching experience for our guests (though this cannot always be guaranteed, even the dolphins need a break sometimes).  We have since grown to offer various other activities which you can read about under the 'Trips & Services' menu above.